Q1:Can I use it after laser treatment?
A:In general, after the laser treatment, the skin becomes dry. It is necessary to do moisturizing treatment. You can use "HA+ Bio Cellulose Mask ", "24 Hours Repairing Essence" , "Hyaluronic Infusing Essence" and "Moist+ Repairing Facial Gel". By soothing, repairing and moisturizing, the treatment effect is more effective.
Q2:What products can be used after Mesothearphy?
A:In the case of wounds, "HA+ Bio Cellulose Mask ", "24 Hours Repairing Essence" , "Hyaluronic Infusing Essence" and "Moist+ Repairing Facial Gel" can be used. Can quickly soothe, repair and restore healthy skin.
Q3:What should I do if the skin is dry and the pores are thick?
A:Only use moisturizing cream cannot lock the moisture of skin epidermis, but makes water evaporate faster and skin is drier. Moisturing serum with smaller molecule and better water-locking effect can improve.
Q4:I use a hydro-clearing cleansing gel. Will my skin become too dry?
A:No, because the ingredients contain rose essensital oil, highly effective moisturizing factors and glycerin. There will be no tension after use.
Q5:What is β- Glucan ? What function does it have?
A:β-glucan can soothe sensitive skin and improve fragile skin. It is a natural plant polysaccharide, commonly found in the shell of wheat plants. It can improve skin's external defenses and reduce skin irritation.
Q6:What is Leucine? What is the difference with other preservatives?
A:Leucine is a natural preservative. It consists of natural antibacterial ingredients such as Leucine red radish enzyme, peptide, essential oil, vitamin C, vitamin E and grape seed extract. It is different from the chemical preservative PARABEN-Hydroxybenzene, which is classified by the United States and the Ministry of Health of Japan as “substances that are prone to cause skin allergies and rashes.” The long-term use of it will also destroy the Sebum membrane that dissolves and protects the skin. Leucine is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
Q7:What is liposome?
A:Its principle of operation is a tiny particle resembling a sphere, about 1/300th the size of a cell. The outer layer is coated with multiple concentric layered particles of lipids. Because of the lipid's characteristics, one end is hydrophilic and one end is hydrophobic. Different nature of the component encapsulation and nano-small molecularization, together with the similar structure of the liposome and the cell membrane, it can easily pass through the horn barrier layer of the skin. The active ingredient will release directly to the bottom layer. According to researches, the composition can quickly and easily enter the cell and be absorbed by the body with an effective rate of 89.92%, exerting the maximum effect of a beauty product. Therefore, the technical application of liposomes makes it easy for skin to absorb ingredients such as antioxidants, whitening ingredients, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B5, yeast, etc.
Q8:Why is Q10 anti-aging compact essence light blue?
A:Because the ingredient contains Prezatide Copper Acetate. It is a luxury ingredient in skin care products. It not only stimulates the function of collagen hyperplasia and repair wounds, but also improves skin firmness. The main effects are:
1. Improve skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles and stimulate cells to secrete collagen and elastin;
2. It is considered that growth factors stimulate the synthesis of important structural molecules such as proteoglycans and glucosaminoglycans in the epidermis, delaying skin aging;
3. Activated superoxide dismutase (SOD) to accelerate skin metabolism and delays skin aging;
4. Promote epidermal cell proliferation, maintain skin elasticity, repair skin barriers.
Q9:Many advertisements now emphasize that the product contains hyaluronic acid. How should this common moisturizing ingredient be used to achieve the best efficacy?
A:Hyaluronic acid is present in the dermis layer of the skin and can carry 1,000 times its volume of moisture. It is one of the best deep moisturizing ingredients. The higher the concentration of hyaluronic acid, the more water is absorbed. However, if the skin is exposed to a dry environment for a long period of time, the water may be sucked away by the dry air. Therefore, while supplementing hyaluronic acid, it should also pay attention to whether the skin care products have a water-locking effect. This can form a protective membrane on the skin surface, effectively replenish and lock in moisture, providing lasting moisturizing effect.
Q10:What do you need to pay attention to when choosing skin care products, if you have sensitive skin?
A:People with sensitive skin should choose to monitor clinically tested products through dermatologists when choosing skin care products. Because sensitive skin is relatively fragile, products that do not contain irritating preservatives should be selected to reduce the chance of skin allergy. Facial cleansing products should first be foamed in the palm of your hand and then used on the face to reduce friction. When choosing a skin care product, you can apply it to your hands to see if it is easy to push and absorb, and wipe a small amount behind your ear to test for sensitive reactions. At the same time, you should also pay attention to whether the texture of the product is greasy, because over-greasy products are usually more difficult to absorb. Over-greasy products also easily cause allergy. In addition, mineral-containing skin care products are also effective in calming and soothing sensitive skin. When purchasing, you can consult the pharmacists, dermatologists and other professional opinions. You should check the product's ingredients and formula is suitable for your skin, and conduct testing before purchase.